about me

My name is Christoph Sapinsky. I am a veteran game designer and this is my design portfolio. I have been in the game Industry since 2002 and I have worked as a designer on 10 published games including 3 triple-A titles. I was already a gamer geek long before I started my design career; I began playing Pen & Paper RPGs in 1989 and recently published my own full original tabletop RPG, Free Spacer.

design philosophy

I take a comprehensive approach to game design. I like to solve multiple problems with a single solution. I find that it is often better to build a great inclusive system that takes care of a several related elements of gameplay, rather then a bucket of content or several difficult to track mechanics. Developing a strong framework of systems has a number of advantages. It creates an inherently consistent user experience. Player find that they know how gameplay should work. While you need to ensure the different elements have synergy, these systems are easier to maintain and seldom conflict in unforeseen ways.

Free Spacer
Eon Altar